Mustang Saftey Report
To us, the above caption from the DMV web site, sounds like a recipe for disaster.

  As experienced California Driving Instructors,  we decided that we WOULD NOT  "Piggy-Back" students.  Due to different skill levels, and  experience levels, we obviously would not want our own kids to be in the car with another new driver. Why then, would we put YOUR kids in this situation.... It just isn't safe.  

 Yes, it does make our days longer, and there is time spent where we are not making money, but we believe the safety of our student drivers is far more important. 

  We believe that, at this time, we are the ONLY driving school in the area to adopt this program.  
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Above, are the restrictions for a Provisional License.  Recently, I have seen TWO of our  former students, who just received their licenses, violating the above.... DUMB! 
 Don't give your friends a ride!  You could  end up loosing that brand new license you worked so hard to get.  

Remember, It's a lot easier to go by the rules then to figure out ways around them....

Don't forget the Cell Phone Laws, too....                                                         ( Thanks to Dave Smith, Jennifer Beers)